You’re Allowed to Feel… Even Anxiety, Depression, Anger

You’re Allowed to Feel… Even Anxiety, Depression, & Anger

“How are you?” Someone asks.

“Fine,” you say. Generally, you say you feel “fine” or “okay”, but do you really? Or do you just say it out of habit or not wanting people to know the truth. It seems as though we are not “supposed” to tell other people that we feel depressed or anxious. When was the last time someone else told you they have anxiety or depression when you asked them how they felt?

So, how do you feel? Do you even know? Think about it, actually. Take some time right now to actually think about how you feel. Do you feel anything at all? Maybe you feel numb with depression or angry with anxiety. It’s okay to feel this way, but what if you’ve lived with anxiety or depression for so long that you no longer know what it feels like to feel joy?

As a human, it is your birthright to feel all ranges of emotions including sadness, annoyance, elation, and happiness. You’re allowed to feel anxiety, depression, lonely, worried, angry, and everything in between. Sometimes, however, we are told that we shouldn’t feel these “negative” emotions and so we burry them deep inside. They can’t stay inside forever and they might manifest in different ways such as panic attacks, temper tantrums, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, or suicidal thoughts.

If you’ve never been given a safe space to feel these emotions then your body trains itself that it’s not okay. By doing so, however, you’re also limiting your ability to feel positive feelings and emotions as well. Fortunately, you can come back into balance in your body. You can learn to allow yourself to feel again and know that it’s okay and that you’re safe to feel whatever arises.

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