Victoria Therapy for Depression

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Therapy for Depression in Victoria, BC

It may be normal to experience depression or depressive states once in a while, but what if it is prolonged or chronic? Lost sense of self, emptiness, sadness, lack of motivation, heaviness, lethargy, numbness, inability to concentrate, substance dependency, and physical pain are all symptoms of depression.


Do you feel:

  • Like you have to drag yourself out of bed?
  • Like you have barely enough energy to get through the day let alone take care of yourself?
  • Hopeless?
  • Numb?
  • Despair?
  • Physical pain?
  • That you need substances in order to cope?
  • As though you are unable to concentrate?
  • As though you cannot imagine a future?
  • A lack of motivation to do the things you once enjoyed?
  • Fatigue?
  • Like harming yourself?

If so, it’s okay. There is a way out. You’re not alone.

Life can be hard and sometimes it can get the best of us. At times, stress can turn into trauma, which may become stuck in the body.


Benefits of working with Kendra include:

  • Increased capacity to handle stress
  • Reduction in social anxiety and increased self-esteem
  • The ability to release emotions appropriately
  • Reduction of feelings of anger
  • Increased peace-of-mind
  • A sense of comfort and ease
  • An increased sense of awareness and mindfulness
  • The ability to calm yourself down and increased coping skills
  • Release pent up emotions from the past
  • An increase of positive emotional states such as happiness
  • Developing awareness of inner resources
  • Feeling safe
  • The ability to live in the moment
  • Developing a secure sense of self and boundaries
  • A decrease in codependency and an increase in interdependency
  • Developing the ability to enjoy life
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Expansion is as natural as contraction and vise versa. By working with Kendra, you will have the opportunity to feel this natural phenomenon by geting in touch with your whole self, in and out. Developing awareness, working through blockages, and releasing held emotions enables you to find peace of heart, clarity of mind, and balance of all of aspects of your essence.


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Did you know...

Whether your body is asking you for “deep-rest” or you lack any sense of motivation, depressive symptoms are not a life sentence. Step by step, it is possible to come back to a state of Balance and Harmony.


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