Victoria Therapy for Anger

Therapy for Anger in Victoria, BC

Anger can be towards yourself, others, or society. Maybe you feel angry without even knowing why. Irritability, irrationality, judgement, blame, worry, stress, annoyance, aggravation, and feeling overwhelmed with emotion are all connected with anger.

It’s okay. With support, you can release what is causing you to feel this way. Even if you’ve been living with anger for as long as you can remember, it’s never too late.

Finding resolution to your anger is an integrative process, which includes the mind-body connection. Through working with the body-mind, you will increase your resources and capacity to resolve conscious and unconscious emotions and heal.

By working with the mind and body, increased levels of awareness will lead towards growth and change. As you develop your inner resources, stuck energy will be released. A greater sense of peace and acceptance may be a result of this process.

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If your body is stuck, you are not able to release pent up emotions, including anger. Somatic Experiencing (SE) works to uncover and release these stuck places of energy so that your self-regulation mechanism can be working properly.

Feel free to take a sigh of release and relax into your experience. You’re allowed to feel grounded, safe, and secure. By working with Kendra, you will know what it feels like to feel at home in your body, to know who you are, and to live in your truth.


Benefits of anger therapy include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Release pent up emotions
  • Remove blockages
  • Increase acceptance
  • Increase tolerance
  • Increase patience
  • Feel safe and calm
  • Increase ability to relax
  • Increase ability to enjoy life
  • Decrease of anger, agitation, and rage
  • More harmonious relationships
  • Increase feelings of balance
  • Feel clarity of heart
  • Feel peace of mind
  • Relax tense muscles
  • Better digestion & sleep
  • More connection with self



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Did you know...

Anger is as valid of an emotion as joy, trust, or sadness. Releasing this anger and finding Balance occurs through a process of awareness, acceptance, and practice.


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