Victoria Pre-Martial Counselling


Pre-Marital Counselling in Victoria, BC

Thinking of strengthening your bond and working out any kinks before tying the knot? Considering that divorce rates are on the rise, pre-marital counselling may be a worthwhile investment.

Marriage can be so rewarding, but it can also be hard work. Sustaining a life-long connection while creating and growing a family comes with many ups and downs and highs and lows. Working with Kendra will ensure that you are better prepared to handle life’s challenges as they arise. In a way, premarital counselling is to mental health as preventative medicine is to physical health.

What you will gain through pre-marital counselling:

  • Vital communication skills
  • A deeper connection
  • More fulfilling intimacy
  • Greater life satisfaction
  • Releasing stuck emotions
  • Working through blockages in your relationship
  • Family preparation
  • Holistic consultation
  • Reduce chances of divorce
  • Increased peace-of-mind
  • Increased relational trust
  • Increased quality of life
  • Strengthening bond
  • Learning more about yourself and your partner
  • Being able to discuss important topics and questions
  • Developing a secure safety net
  • Increased feelings of support, acceptance, and understanding
  • Increased self-efficacy
  • Decreased feelings of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed
  • Increased emotional accessibility
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Which Vancouver couples should invest in pre-marital counselling?

If you are in a committed relationship, but not yet married, pre-marital counselling may be just what you need before taking the next step in your relationship. Whether you believe in the sanctity of marriage or not, sustainable relationships take commitment, trust, openness, and work.

Being the best you can be for yourself, your partner, and for everyone else doesn’t mean being perfect. It means showing up, being present, and addressing what needs to be addressed in order to breathe easy and continue moving through life with stamina and grace. Humans are social creatures. We need connection and we need support to flourish and thrive. Investing in your relationship ensures that your partnership is strong, cohesive, and balanced for the long-run.

If either or both partners is experiencing trauma-related issues, now is the time to find freedom and release the trauma that is holding you back from feeling whole within yourself as well as within your relationship.


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Did you know...

By sharing your subjective realities and listening to your partner’s experience, you are gaining more awareness about yourself, your partner, and your relationship.


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