Naked Authenticity

Human perception creates the illusion of separation – “I see your skin, and that is not my skin.” or “There is distance between me and you so we must be separate.” This perception creates a “me vs. you” mentality in which action stems from.

The truth is, however, the space in between this body and that body is not empty. Instead, it is like a ladder to be climbed in order to see the inseparable connection from above. Although the skin is a barrier that allows us to have this 3D AND 5D experience (thank you skin!), we can choose to see beyond it. As the Little Prince says, “What is important is invisible to the eye.”

Our two eyes only allow for limited material perception, which keeps us shackled to the illusion that this skin is all there is. Spending time with eyes closed and going inward opens the gateway to self-awareness and Transcendence. By connecting to the FIRST eye (aka the third eye) we can see the inseparable connection and nakedness of all things.

The Akash holds all information. Everything is known. Skin, clothes, and everything else humans use to cover themselves up does a decent job at a mask, but that is all it is. Spirit does not know the limits of material perception. Even though we all subconsciously know this, bringing it to conscious awareness can be frightening. Why? Because we judge ourselves for having a human experience and all of the weirdness and trauma that comes with that.

Much suffering comes from holding the idea that we are separate. Thus, when we go from thinking we are “somebody” to thinking we are “nobody” our consciousness shifts. And then we move from thinking we are nobody to KNOWING we are EVERYBODY everything shifts.

I used to get so paranoid when it was so evident that the universe knows everything. The synchronicities were freaking me out. I’ve gotten used to the synchronicities and laugh now, as I know PRONOIA (believing the universe is conspiring FOR you instead of against you. We have the choice to make any meaning we want about ANYTHING. And of course, the way we choose to perceive reality is what creates our reality.

Being selfless and selfish are two sides of the same coin. What is TRULY best for you is what’s best for everyone as WE ARE ALL ONE.

It literally does not matter what we are doing on a physical level as long as it’s aligned in our Love. Even the lessons and hard times are intended to allow space to bring in more Love.

Being true to yourself is a journey. It’s the journey of Life. Every moment you have the opportunity to remember unity, evoke compassion, and act from the space of heart-centered awareness. This is the journey of life.

We are here for ourselves, for each other. Being yourself allows others to deepen their self-love and awareness.

Winning winning winning ding ding ding!!!

You are here and you are naked. Might as well embody that naked authenticity!

I love you, Namaste,


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