Counselling & Trauma Therapy

Counselling and Trauma Therapy in Victoria, BC

Individual counselling is sought out for many different reasons. Whether you are experiencing anxiety or depression, going through a time of transition, have questions about life, or a decision to make, there are a number of reasons that individual counselling may be of benefit.

With a passion for wellness, learning, and being the best therapist she can be, Kendra has taken and continues to take ongoing training and supervision.
With a background in yoga and meditation, doing Master’s level research of Somatic Experiencing (SE), receiving clinical supervision with SE practitioners, and taking the SE training herself, Kendra incorporates the importance of the body-mind connection in her work with clients.

A variety of issues may be impacting your quality of life and ability to feel a sense of fulfilment.

Therapy for Trauma
Therapy for Anxiety
Therapy for Depression
Therapy for Anger
Therapy for Young Adults
Therapy for Adolescents

If you are experiencing issues in any of the areas listen above, Kendra in Victoria, BC may be able to help you. Your body talks. By working with Kendra, you will be able to listen to the body’s wisdom, understand what is happening, and learn to work with the body in order to find clarity of heart and peace of mind.

Benefits of working with Kendra include:

  • Increased capacity to handle stress
  • Reduction in social anxiety and increased self-esteem
  • The ability to release emotions appropriately
  • Reduced feelings of anger
  • Increased peace-of-mind
  • A sense of comfort and ease
  • An increased sense of awareness and mindfulness
  • The ability to calm yourself down and increased coping skills
  • Release pent up emotions from the past
  • An increase of positive emotional states such as happiness
  • Developing awareness of inner resources
  • Feeling safe
  • The ability to live in the moment
  • Developing a secure sense of self and boundaries
  • A decrease in codependency and an increase in interdependency
  • Developing the ability to enjoy life

Kendra creates a space of warmth and acceptance in which you can feel safe to open up and explore what it means to be you. The goals for therapy are left up to you because you know yourself better than anyone else. While Kendra is the expert on psychology and wellness, you are the expert on you. Kendra holds space and incorporates her years of training and experience for you to explore your experience in order to achieve your goals.

Did you know...

The body sends nine times more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the body. This is why it is so important to addresses both the body and the mind while working towards your mental health and general life goals.


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