Come Back to the Journey and the Destination with Anxiety and Depression Counselling

Does anxiety or depression take away your ability to be present? Maybe anxiety takes you to the past or the future. Maybe depression completely dissociates you from your experience. May you feel trapped and like there is no way out.

Although you may feel trapped, there is a way out. Anxiety counselling, depression counselling, and trauma therapy offer the support you need to come back to yourself and your exprience.

You’ve heard the saying, “Life is a journey, not a destination,” but if life is only a journey and not a destination then that means we are constantly seeking and never arriving. Therefore, I say, “Life is a journey and a destination,” because in every moment you’ve arrived.

With depression or anxiety, however, it is hard to be with both the journey and the destination.

Of course, it is important to allow yourself to be with the process while working towards a goal. With anxiety one usually over emphasizes the goal and completely miss the process. Then, once the goal is reached, you either look back and think, “what just happened?” or you are quick to move on to the next goal without relishing in the success. It’s one thing to miss the journey, and it’s a whole other thing to miss the destination.

And then this all too famous quote, “Life is a journey, not a destination,” comes to mind. Maybe you beat yourself up for continuously focusing on the future and missing where you are already.

Trauma physiology makes us think there is somewhere else we need to get to that we completely miss that we’ve already arrived at so many destinations.

Through all of your trials and tribulations, you’ve made it this far. Take a moment to pause and take note. Take a moment to congratulate yourself.

Depression, on the other hand, can not only takes away the ability to be with the journey, but also the drive to work towards goals.

Anxiety, depression, and other trauma-induced and life-inhibiting mental states take away the ability to be in the present.

Depression counselling, anxiety counselling, and trauma therapy work towards shifting this so that you can be present with your experience. Through depression counselling, anxiety counselling, and trauma therapy you can learn to be with the journey and the destinations.

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