Naked Authenticity

Human perception creates the illusion of separation – “I see your skin, and that is not my skin.” or “There is distance between me and you so we must be separate.” This perception creates a “me vs. you” mentality in which action stems from. The truth is, however, the space in between this body and…

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Anxiety Explored

anxiety explored

Existentialism posits that anxiety is a prerequisite to change and thus a necessity of life. Anxiety is complex: There are different forms of anxiety, causes of anxiety, and manifestation of anxiety. Therefore, I agree with existentialism only in part. First, I’ll talk a little bit about anxiety itself and then explain why I agree that…

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Connecting Communication for Couples

happy couple

Is your relationship causing you stress? Not sure how to communicate how you feel without getting into a fight? The following are some tools that may help. I call it, Connecting Conversation for Couples. If you’d like to learn more about couples counselling, contact Kendra. First things first; While communicating with your partner, remember that…

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You’re Allowed to Feel… Even Anxiety, Depression, Anger

You're Allowed to Feel... Even Anxiety, Depression, Anger

You’re Allowed to Feel… Even Anxiety, Depression, & Anger “How are you?” Someone asks. “Fine,” you say. Generally, you say you feel “fine” or “okay”, but do you really? Or do you just say it out of habit or not wanting people to know the truth. It seems as though we are not “supposed” to…

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Stargazing for Anxiety and Depression Relief

Depression & Anxiety Relief Kelowna

Stargazing for Anxiety & Depression Relief When was the last time you looked up at the stars? Did you feel something? Maybe it was the feeling of connection. Maybe the weight of everything lifted off your shoulders as you sat there knowing that you’re not the only one looking at those same stars. Perhaps you…

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You’re Right…Even with Feelings of Anxiety & Depression

happy woman

You’re Right…Even with Feelings of Anxiety & Depression Jon Kabat Zinn said, “As long as you are breathing, there is more that is right with you than wrong with you.” What if, however, you do not feel this “rightness”? What if you are breathing and feeling all wrong? So many people are living in states…

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