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Anything is Possible in Aligned Love

Transcend what you thought you knew, face your fears, move beyond any and all expectations of life, and come to Bliss - a state of being wherein you are fully present with what is whilst also being mindful of your human responsibilities.

The Universe is Benevolent. It WANTS to see you succeed and it also wants to know that you trust it. It will help you reach your goals if you show that you trust. That means putting in the work and showing that you are doing your part in the process. You must use your WILLPOWER to get your intentions moving and then fully SURRENDER into the process. This shows the universe that you FULLY trust. Only then will you be met with synchronicities, opportunities, aligned lessons, teachers, guides, signs, connections, and options to continue moving forward towards your goals.

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"Kendra is truly incredible at what she does. The depth of knowledge, spiritual wisdom, love, and compassion with which she approaches her coaching and counselling is truly astounding. Having Kendra in my life has truly helped me to stand strong in love and truth (which is very fitting, considering her name, and also very true!). She has such an extensive set of tools for guiding someone through trauma, transition, and truth. She does everything with love and non-judgement, and stays completely grounded as she gives you guidance. I truly recommend her with my whole heart. I hope whoever's reading this books a session!”

Jasmine Michaels


What Brings You Alive?

Do you want to live your fullest expression of joy, bliss, transcendence, and aligned Truth? Do you want to experience sustainable happiness - TRUE HAPPINESS? Do you want to leave behind every doubt, glitch, falsehood, negativity, and stagnancy that is no longer serving you?

What do you have to do to achieve your best self? What steps will bring you to the final goal? How do you know you're here? Who are you?

Do you know the answers to these questions? Do you WANT to know the answers to these questions?

What is holding you back from doing these things?

Whether it's trauma, emotional blockages, diet, lifestyle habits, work/home environment, relationships, self-sabotage, lack of inspiration, mental illness, lack of support, or financial 

Kendra will help you TAP IN to your Truth, Empowerment, Love, Bliss, Harmony, Enlightenment, Authenticity, Power, Embodiment, Peace, Strength, Desire, and Liberation.


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